Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello New York, Here We Are!

Thought I would start with the most obvious of life change updates .... the big move.

We were spoiled with the month of August before Jim started school to get settled and situated in our new apartment, neighborhood, and city.

So, we are here! In our ~440 sq ft apartment (about half the size of our Atlanta apartments). The stuff we brought fits, and we only have a handful of miscellaneous items to sell/donate/get rid of. You can see the apartment before we moved in here - it is really beautiful. The building was built around 1920, and we have hardwood floors and really tall windows. Parts of it (ahem, the kitchen) are super awkward, but thanks to Ikea we've solved most of those problems.

Here's the living/dining room during the actual move-in:

I haven't yet taken photos of our "settled" apartment, but plan to do so soon. I've taken most of the family on a FaceTime tour of the apartment, so feel free to FaceTime with us and I'll do the same for you! :)

More updates coming very soon. Need to remember to take more photos of our adventures.

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